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OPUC branches into energy sector with new brand

By Courtney Bachar/The Oshawa Express/LJI Reporter

Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation (OPUC) is expanding into the energy sector.

OPUC recently announced the evolution of its non-regulated energy division. As of April 27, Oshawa PUC Energy Services (OPUCES) will go by the streamlined name EnerFORGE.

OPUC President Ivano Labricciosa says this can only mean good things for Oshawa.

“If you look at the network company, we’re limited geographically to only working within Oshawa,” he says, noting the expansion is organic and as new development happens new customers are added.

“It’s a steady one to two per cent growth, but our shareholders know we can do more and we have been doing more and we would like to get more,” he adds.

Labricciosa says as OPUC was doing more work outside of Oshawa, “the old brand left customers confused about our offering and our geographic reach, meaning that our capabilities had outgrown our namesake.”

EnerFORGE’s mission is “strong and clear”, states a press release. “To help customers forge a sustainable energy future.”

EnerFORGE will build on the 21 projects across nearly 90 sites in the GTHA that were built under the OPUCES brand, which will be done through custom design,  build, own, operate and/or finance solutions for low carbon energy initiatives across Oshawa.

“Our shareholders appreciate what we do for them in terms of advancing their file like energy efficiency, environmental footprint, and energy management,” says Labricciosa, noting energy and data are the future.

“We have a telecom company and we have this energy services company, EnerFORGE, where we’re doing more along both the energy and telecommunications world. When you think of smart cities – and Oshawa is certainly one that wants to take advantage of that – but other cities want to do the same thing,” he says, adding high speed internet, high efficiency energy management solutions and the ability to shrink the carbon footprint is on the forefront.

“It became natural to keep growing the company on this side. It’s good for business, it’s good for us, and it’s good for the shareholders,” says Labricciosa. “They still get the same services and they take advantage of the ability to do both – be supplied reliable power at an economic advantage for them as one of the lowest rates in distribution across Ontario – and the added advantage of these special projects.”

Labricciosa says Oshawa and Durham Region will be able to draw from these energy efficient projects as well, like through the recent Durham Region Transit announcement for its electric bus project.

“We’re excited. The people in Oshawa should be proud of the fact we’re doing this stuff for others but we’re also bringing it home here for them to take advantage of it as well,” he says.