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Lower speed limits coming to Fernhill, Glencairn, Rossmount

By Courtney Bachar/The Oshawa Express

Councillors are looking out for the safety of Oshawa residents one street at a time.

A speed reduction is coming to Fernhill Boulevard, Glencairn Street, and Rossmount Avenue following correspondence the city received from concerned area residents about vehicles speeding and the safety of pedestrians.

The new speed limit will be 40 km/h, down from 50 km/h.

Regional and City Councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri says this change will “benefit area residents and their safety concerns moving forward.”

After visiting Fernhill Boulevard to observe, City Councillor Jane Hurst says she understands the concerns of the residents.

“It highlights again the impact of unreasonable driving habits in our community,” she says.

“Hopefully, this is a step forward that will assist,” she adds, noting this is an issue that needs to be addressed city-wide.

City staff will also deploy two radar message boards – one on Fernhill Boulevard and one on Glencairn Street, “to validate the speeding concerns and follow the process outlined in the Neighbourhood Traffic Management Guide,” states the city.

City Councillor Derek Giberson says he is and will continue to be a proponent for slowing down traffic.

“We need to get people to slow down, and I will keep beating that drum,” he says.

The motion was introduced by Marimpietri as a time-sensitive item at a recent city council meeting, which received unanimous support.