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Landlords must provide tenants adequate heat

The city is reminding landlords of changes to Oshawa’s adequate heat by-law.

The by-law now requires rented or leased units to have a minimum air temperature of at least 22 degrees Celsius between Sept. 1 to June 15 of each year. This revised time-frame aligns with requirements under the Provincial Residential Tenancies Act.

Landlords who fail to comply with the by-law could face penalties of $250 per day, per rental unit.

City officials encourage residents to speak with their landlords regarding heating issues before filing a complaint with the city.

Service Oshawa receives heating complaints and directs them to the Municipal Law Enforcement department for investigation. For more information or to file a complaint, call 905-436-3311.

For full details on the adequate heat by-law and other property regulations, visit Additionally, tenants and landlords can find more information at