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Keep pets safe this summer

There are many fun ways to bond with a pet outside, especially during the summer months.

With the hottest season of the year now in full swing, residents should remember to never leave their pets alone in their vehicles, as this is dangerous for the animal, and could result in their death.

Even if a pet is only left in a car alone for a few minutes, on a day that is 21 degrees Celsius, half an hour is all that is needed for the inside of a car to reach 40 degrees.

For a person, that’s uncomfortable, but for a dog, that’s deadly, as they don’t sweat the same way humans do.

Dogs have an internal temperature of approximately 39 degrees, according to the Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA), and a temperature of 41 degrees can be withstood for a short period of time.

However, it will eventually result in brain damage, or even death for the animal.

Mild days with the window rolled down are still dangerous for dogs, according to the OSPCA.

Even if a dog is left alone in the car with the air conditioning on, the OSPCA says there is still a risk, as there is always a chance the air conditioner can break down.

However, while it may be tempting to break the window of a car if an animal is seen inside, it is illegal to do so in Ontario, and could lead to criminal charges.

The OSPCA instead encourages those concerned about the safety of an animal to call them or the police, and an officer will be sent to deal with the matter.

Before taking your pet with you on a drive, there are several questions one should ask.

Do I have to make any stops? Can I bring my dog inside these places? Should I bring them?

Residents should plan their route, and make sure they never leave their pets alone in the car.