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Incinerator test results within guidelines

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

The Durham York Energy Centre’s emissions were within legislated limits according the latest voluntary source test performed at the facility.

The voluntary test was conducted on both of the centre’s boilers, and results showed emissions were all within the limits detailed in the DYEC’s Environment Compliance Approval (ECA).

The test took place between June 25 and June 28, according to a report written by John Presta, Durham’s acting commissioner of works.

DYEC operator Covanta is directed by regional council to conduct an annual voluntary source test.

The test is to determine the rate of emissions of test contaminants from the stack.

The results of the contaminant concentrations at the highest point of impact were compared to the limits set within the Ontario Regulation 419/05 Air Pollution – Local Air Quality.

Ontario Regulation 419/05 limits are set to be protective of human health and the environment.

All of the impactful concentrations were below the regulatory limits, according to Presta.

Two companies, HDR and Airzone Ltd., sent representatives to view the test, and were both satisfied with the results.

“Based on the observations made during collection of samples, we are satisfied that Ortech collected all dioxin and furan samples according to standard operating procedures and approved methods, with the deviations from the methods/protocols already noted,” reads the statement from Airzone.

The statement from HDR reached the same conclusion.