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Impaired man tries to escape police

A 25-year-old male is facing charges after he was found driving a stolen vehicle while impaired by drugs

On Dec. 21, at approximately 10:00 a.m., a citizen called police after observing a car driving erratically northbound on Stevenson Road in Oshawa.

Officers later located the man in the parking lot of the Oshawa Centre. Police allege the male was found in the vehicle with cannabis readily available. Upon further investigation, it was uncovered that the vehicle was stolen and a package stolen from a resident’s porch was found inside.

After his arrest, the accused attempted to obstruct police by providing false names and dates of birth. He also pulled a fire alarm at the police station and attempted to flee from custody in the cell area.

The 25-year-old male of no fixed address has been charged with impaired operation of a conveyance; obstruct police; theft of a motor vehicle; false fire alarm; fail to submit to drug recognition evaluation; possession of stolen property over $5,000; possession of stolen property under $5,000 and escape lawful custody.