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Future park in Kedron phase 2 could be on the move

Ward 1 councillors unhappy with proposed relocation

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to note the park proposed to be relocated is part of the proposed Kedron phase 2 development. It is not the existing Kedron Park, located on Britannia Avenue. There are no plans or proposals to move this park. 

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

The city’s north ward councillors are not happy with a proposed plan to move a park within the Kedron development project.

At the latest development services committee meeting, councillors directed staff to investigate the relocation of the future Kedron Community Park.

It should be noted the proposed move is not in relation to the existing Kedron Park, located on Britannia Avenue.

The proposed location of the park would be at the northwest corner of Harmony Road North and a planned arterial road within the massive development.

According a staff report, Minto, the developer behind the Kedron project, had requested the city to reconsider the park’s location.

Ward 1 city councillor Rosemary McConkey spoke out against moving the park, stating the current location was the best choice. She and Ward 2 city councillor Jane Hurst were the dissenting votes on the matter.

Mayor Dan Carter, Ward 3 city and regional councillor Bob Chapman, Ward 4 city and regional councillor Rick Kerr, and Ward 2 city and regional councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri voted in favour.

McConkey said the entire public process had taken place based on the previously approved location.

Her ward council colleague John Neal told The Oshawa Express he was caught off guard by the recommendation.

Neal noted he’s been telling potential      residents in the second phase of the Kedron development the park would be located at its approved location.

“[Minto] should have had the courtesy of letting me know a while back. It’s definitely a surprise to me,” Neal said.

Commissioner of development services Warren Munro said the proposed new location is a better fit for facilities at the park.

Some facilities planned include, but are not limited to, playground equipment, parking areas, arenas/community centres, tennis and basketball courts, and baseball/soccer fields.

Munro added it is best to have a park of this size near an arterial road.

However, Chapman noted the committee was “getting ahead of ourselves.”

“This is to authorize staff to investigate, and they are going to come back with a report and recommendation,” Chapman said, noting the park may not even end up moving.

Neal told The Express he was frustrated because he felt his and McConkey’s opinions, the councillors representing the Kedron area, were pushed aside.

“Our concerns should have a lot weight when we are having a problem with something [in Ward 1],” he added.