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Firefighters hand out masks, soap to residents

Oshawa firefighters could be seen handing out masks and soap to residents recently. They were joined by Durham MPP Lindsey Park, Ward 5 City Councillor John Gray, Oshawa Generals General Manager Roger Hunt, and more to help fight COVID-19. (Photo by Chris Jones)

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa fire fighters are playing their part by handing out facemasks and soap to residents to help fight COVID-19.

Fire fighters could be found at 245 King St. W. recently, after teaming up with GlobalMedic, a Canadian charity which provides short-term, rapid response when there are disasters both in Canada and abroad.

International Association of Fire Fighters 465 President Peter Dyson says they gave away almost 2,000 bags with a bar of soap and a mask.

“Today went great,” says Dyson. “We got to interact with a lot of people in the community, we got through all of our masks and soap, and handed them out, and hopefully we made our community somewhat safer.”

Oshawa firefighter Chris Brabin was one of many firefighters handing out masks and soap recently to help fight COVID-19.

Dyson says he and his team were happy with the response from residents.

“I think residents themselves were happy to see their local fire fighters out doing what they can on their own time to keep our residents safe,” he says.

He says residents were receptive, and he hopes it will make a difference. His hope is that residents will wash their hands a little more, and wear a mask more often after meeting with the Oshawa fire fighters.

Dyson explains fire fighters are fighting the same fight against COVID-19 many others are, as they are on the frontlines.

“We’re having to maintain our distance when we’re in our homes, out at businesses, and we have to wear a mask. At work, we’re maintaining our distance from each other,” he says.

Overall though, Dyson says he enjoyed the day, and hopes residents will feel a little safer.

“We want our community to think about protecting themselves… their family… and their community. We all need to do our part to protect each other,” he says.

He reiterates that residents should wash their hands whenever possible, and get tested if they come into contact with someone showing symptoms of COVID-19, while also social distancing.