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Every 30 Seconds to educate on human trafficking

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

A former Oshawa city councillor is hoping to bring to light the dangers of human trafficking in Durham and around the world.

Every 30 Seconds is an educational event taking place in Oshawa, and is meant to teach residents about the dangers surrounding human trafficking.

The event takes place on June 22, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 72 Queen Street, and tickets are $60 each.

“With music, speakers and a call to action, all money raised will help organizations on the front lines fighting to end human trafficking,” says McQuaid-England.

She says the event has multiple goals, the first of which is to raise awareness for the International Day Against Human Trafficking on June 30.

Another goal is to raise awareness about what is going on in the Durham community, and how people can get involved in the fight against human trafficking.

Speakers at the event include Karly Church, a crisis intervention counselor, social service worker, and advocate for survivors of domestic sex trafficking.

Dr. Olga Marques will also be speaking, and she has a PhD in criminology from the University of Ottawa, and a master’s degree  in sociology from the University of Windsor.

The final speaker is Kelly Tallon Franklin, the founder of Courage for Freedom, a Canadian-based organization which educates, trains, and certifies front-line and community service providers regarding strategies and prevention tactics for human trafficking.

“A group of dedicated women in the community are working together to make this event possible,” says McQuaid-England. “In partnership with BPW Durham and Determined Media we hope to provide much needed funds for places like Victim Services of Durham Region, #ProjectONRo and Joanne’s House.”

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