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Editorial, cartoon based on fiction

Dear Editor,

Your paper’s editorial and sarcastic cartoon were based on absolute fiction, not fact. In maligning both me and my regional council colleagues, your editor totally misinformed your readers. Of 12 members of council and one senior staff person who spoke on the issue of updating Durham’s Strategic Plan, not one speaker recommended a “weekend,” thousands-and-thousands-of-dollars jaunt.

As a municipal councillor and former mayor, I have always been clear as to where I stand on issues and have been particularly noted, even praised, for my constant focus on efficient services and holding the line on taxes.

Your reporter’s appalling misunderstanding of the debate is shocking. A simple phone call to me, or the clerk’s office, would have immediately clarified that council was discussing a day-long meeting that will be held locally.

I have always accepted responsibility for my actions. I expect your newspaper to do the same, with a clear correction and apology to both me and my colleagues.

Nancy Diamond

Oshawa and Durham Region councillor