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Durham school board ahead of provincial testing results

Northern Dancer Public School was amongst the top performers in reading, writing and math in both Grade 3 and Grade 6

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

The Durham District School Board is ahead of the curve when it comes to EQAO testing.

The province recently released results from EQAO tests in 2018-19 for Grade 3 and Grade 6 students.

In the local board, 76 per cent of Grade 3 students met the provincial standard in reading, ahead of the Ontario wide median of 74 per cent.

For Grade 3 writing, 73 per cent of Durham students who took the test met the provincial standard, ahead of the provincial rate of 69 per cent.

DDSB Grade 3 students were also ahead of the province in math, with 63 per cent of students meeting the standard, compared to Ontario’s rate of 58 per cent.

For Grade 6 students, 85 per cent met the provincial standard for reading, ahead of the median of 81 per cent.

In the Grade 6 writing test, 85 per cent of students were successful, again ahead of the provincial level of 82 per cent.

A closer look in Oshawa paints a somewhat less successful picture.

In the Grade 3 testing, only 13 of Oshawa’s 28 elementary schools were better in reading, while 14 beat the provincial rate in writing.

In mathematics testing, a total of 12 Oshawa schools were better than the Ontario average.

For Grade 6 students, 14 schools bettered the provincial reading average, and 13 were higher in writing.

For math, 12 schools were higher than the provincial standard.


How did Oshawa schools perform?

According to the results, these are the best performing schools per grade.

Grade 3

Reading – Kedron, Northern Dancer and Adelaide McLaughlin (tie), Lakewoods, Waverly

Writing – Lakewoods, Adelaide McLaughlin, Harmony Heights, Kedron and Northern Dancer (tie)

Math – Kedron, Sherwood, Walter E Harris, Northern Dancer, Sunset Heights


Grade 6

Reading: Kedron, Walter E Harris, Gordon B Attersley, Northern Dancer, Vincent Massey

Writing: Kedron, Northern Dancer, Sunset Heights, Walter E Harris and Gordon B Attersley (tie)

Math – Kedron, Walter E Harris, Norman G Powers, Northern Dancer, Stephen G Saywell and Sherwood (tie)


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