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DDSB to host virtual wellness symposium

The Parents as Partners (PAP) Symposium is going virtual.

Durham District School Board will be hosting the virtual symposium with this year’s theme being “Be Well. Be Positive.”

The event will take place on Thursday, May 28 at 7 p.m. via livestream and will not be available as a video after the presentation takes place.

The event will feature award-winning coach, educator and leader, Dr. Ivan Joseph, who has spent his career leading cultural transformation and helping people believe in themselves. He speaks about having self-confidence to embrace the “grit” and to persevere through setbacks.

“Dynamic and engaging, Dr. Joseph always leaves the audience with a memorable experience that adds value long after the presentation ends,” states a DDSB press release.

Following Joseph’s livestream, a speaker series will be shared on the Parents as Partners website. Two videos per week will be posted for a period of three weeks with topics including wellbeing, healthy habits, culturally relevant pedagogy, indigenous learning, reading with children, and digital citizenship and digital etiquette.

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