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Councils can’t ignore progress

Dear Editor,

I find the decision made by city council members of Vancouver on Feb. 28 to not attend the grand opening of the new Trump Tower in their fair city completely absurd.

In what sometimes appears to be a backwater town here, we cannot even entice any business minded people to tear down or build up the late great Genosha Hotel.

We seemed destined to be stuck with this eyesore of a money pit for generations, yet Vancouver council in their pious, overrated opinion of themselves decide to snub a man that spends millions to build a beautiful addition to their beautiful city that has, and will for years to come, create jobs in construction and full-time employees, plus business and property tax to add to city coffers, plus more visitors spending money there now.

Most folks have a skeleton or two in their closet, and if there was a concerted effort by the media to investigate these holier than thou council members’ past history, I am sure there would be a lot of red faces.

That will never happen of course, because the mainstream media and the left-wing council are on the same side. They only go after conservatives.

The childish antics of this council are embarrassing, but will not stop progress, much to the benefit of Vancouverites and Canadians in general, thanks to business people with a vision like Mr. Trump and his family.

We should be so lucky here in Oshawa.

Russ Horner