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Councillors endorse call against Islamophobia

Regional councillors have given their stamp of approval to a call for more inclusive communities and to reduce discrimination against Muslims.

The motion, The Charter for Inclusive Communities – already been endorsed by the City of Oshawa and the Town of Ajax – states that “hate crimes against Muslims has risen dramatically in recent years both in Canada and around the world. Given the unfortunate climate of fear that seems to have entered some segments of public life, it appears that this trend is increasing.”

“The dignity of every person in Canada is essential to a healthy and vibrant society. Everyone in Canada has a role to play in creating safe environments for us all,” Councillor Colleen Jordan of Ajax said in council chambers.

“All levels of government, civil society, communities and public officials have a duty to work together in developing policies, programs and initiatives to reduce and eliminate Islamophobia in all of its forms.”

The motion to endorse the charter passed unanimously.