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Council should freeze wages

Dear Editor,

At the very first city council meeting after the 2018 municipal election, newly elected city councillor Rosemary McConkey introduced a motion to freeze the salaries of the mayor and fellow councillors for their four-year term.

This was in keeping with her election campaign platform of smaller and less costly government.

That motion was immediately tabled (set aside) by her fellow councillors where it has languished for the past year until she succeeded in re-introducing it this past week.

With virtually no discussion and no justification from the Mayor and her fellow councillors they voted down the motion by a 10 to one margin.

This was a motion which would have cost each of the councillors a few hundred dollars annually. The complete lack of discussion to support their opposition to the pay freeze speaks volumes as to their motivation in doing so.

They simply want an annual inflationary increase and the extra money.

This was another wasted opportunity by council (with the exception of Councillor McConkey) to lead by example.

Greg Milosh