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Collaborative build one of Oshawa’s largest

New subdivision is one of the biggest developments in Oshawa’s recent history

Kedron Part 2

A 450-acre section of land north of Conlin Road East between Harmony and Townline roads is now in the early stages of being developed into a subdivision. The new project, which could be home to up to 7,500 people, is one of the largest the city has ever seen. (Graphic courtesy of the City of Oshawa).

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

A new chunk of suburban bliss is coming to Oshawa, and it’s a big one.

Four landowners have come together to turn a nearly 450-acre section of land north of Conlin Road East, between Harmony and Townline roads, into a subdivision that could hold roughly five per cent of Oshawa’s population.

“It’s pretty exciting for the city,” says Paul Ralph, Oshawa’s commissioner of development services.

The massive undertaking, a joint effort between Medallion, Fieldgate, E. Manson Investment and Schleiss/Regita Enterprise Inc – who each own approximately a quarter of the site – covers approximately 1.8 square kilometres of former agricultural land in the north end of the city.

Still in the early stages, passing through the public meeting phase on Feb. 8 with little public feedback, the area could see approximately 1,500 homes, 222 townhouses, more than 80 semi-detaches houses, more than 400 units of medium density housing and almost 600 apartment units when completed. The project also includes lots for four new elementary schools and a secondary school, although if these come to fruitition is for the school boards to decide. Commercial and retail spaces are also designated in portions of the development.

“Combined, they create a complete community,” says Bryce Jordan, a planning manager with GHD, the company responsible for the design of the project.

While no timeline has been approved for the project, the public meeting was merely to address the rezoning of land from agricultural. The subdivision is set to hold around 7,500 people when completed.

The development is part of the city’s Kedron Part II plan, a framework for north end development covering the swath of land from Ritson Road to the border with Clarington at Townline Road, and stretching north to the Highway 407 extension. In total, the Kedron II plan has an estimated buildout to hold 22,000 people.

This project accounts for nearly half of the land area designated under the Kedron Part II plan.

Approving that plan in 2014 was the first step toward this new growth, Ralph says, as it laid the entire groundwork for these new subdivisions.

“It set out the land use structure…where the roads would be located, county roads, arterial roads, the valleys being protected from an environmental perspective, woodlots being protected,” he says. “As soon as that was done, we were off to the races.”

The project is only the latest in a building boom that has been stretching across the north end of Oshawa in recent years. A trio of other developments on the west side of Harmony Road North north of Conlin will be going through the public meeting process on Feb. 29.

Ralph says there are a number of factors contirbuting to the development success Oshawa has seen in recent years, the least of which is the availability of land in the north end.

“The land is available, but also, as you’ve seen over the last couple years, the market has been really doing well here in Oshawa. So they’re trying to take advantage of getting serviced residential land on the market,” he says.

Over the past two years, Oshawa has consecutively broken records for residential building permits, selling more than $454.4 million in residential permits in 2015.