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Chapman is doing it wrong

Re: “Two regional councillors seeking PC nominations,” Mar. 15, 2017

Dear Editor,

Bob Chapman is doing it wrong! First of all, the recent addition of a Facebook account after six years of social media inactivity is a transparent attempt to secure the “young” politically disengaged voter. It is only now that he is running for a provincial seat that he is even bothering to attempt to engage.

We need MPP leadership which is truly engaged in our communities. Chapman says, “Hydro, that affects everyone, and part of it that affects Oshawa completely is the hydro rates for our businesses”, etc. What he fails to note anywhere are the social issues at play which are affecting the lives of his constituents.

Politicians like this are the very reason we have such a large demographic of people who are disengaging with the political system. Apathy reigns supreme.

I repeat, Bob Chapman is doing it wrong.

Christeen Thornton