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Changes made to Smart Serve program

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Ontario Smart Serve is giving its responsible alcohol training program a fresh start.

Representatives from Smart Serve were recently at Durham College’s W. Galen Weston Centre for Food to announce changes to the program.

Standing in front of the college’s Bistro ’67, Dr. Elaine Popp, vice-president – academic for Durham College, said students and Smart Serve share a long history.

“Our students study towards the Smart Serve certification, and each year we are thankful to Smart Serve for providing a number of financial awards to students,” said Popp.

In the past, students would read Smart Serve booklets before writing a test, and their professors would then send the test to Smart Serve for grading.

About six weeks later, professors would be notified of the results.

“With the new approach, our faculty can now use Smart Serve resources to capture key points, and reinforce key concepts that are delivered online and with the latest teaching tools…,” explained Popp.

She also explains the new program introduces modules covering new topics such as legal cannabis and retail alcohol sales.

“It allows the students to come and go from modules at their own pace, and review sections as often as they’d like,” she explained.

Popp adds it all supports a wide range of learning styles for students.

“One of the changes I think we’re most excited about having here at Durham College is having the training available in six different languages, given that we have a growing international student population, and English isn’t often the first language [students have], this will be a tremendous resource,” she said.

Now when students are ready to take the test, it’s done online, with results known in minutes as opposed to weeks.

“All of these updates, add-ons and enhancements will better serve students and faculty,” said Popp.

She also noted the updated program will support the school’s employees, such as those at Bistro ’67.