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Parents, talk to your kids

March 8, 2017

Dear Editor, I really hate to write this letter because I thought that all of the feelings I had of inadequacy in high school and public school would leave automatically as [...]

Remember, Canada has two languages

March 2, 2017

Dear Editor, Justin Trudeau recently added to his list of gaffes when he refused to answer in English a question put to him in English by a Canadian citizen living in Quebec [...]

A sign to quit

March 2, 2017

Dear Editor, Here’s a sign that I recently observed near a residential Oshawa apartment building that might make for a cheeky case for vaping over cigarette smoking: [...]

Tired of waiting for the Genosha

March 1, 2017

Dear Editor, I live very near the old Genosha Hotel. Myself, as well as some of the businesses in the area, are getting fed up with seeing this particular hotel just sitting [...]

Fossil fuels aren’t going anywhere

February 22, 2017

Re: “The truth about coal,” Feb. 8, 2017 Dear Editor, Once again, John Peate has managed to pen a fact free letter on the environment, this time on the use of coal as a [...]

In honour of Nancy L. Diamond

February 22, 2017

Dear Editor, After years of volunteerism and leadership roles in the Oshawa community, Nancy Diamond finally ran for city council in 1988 and was easily elected. It was at [...]

Property tax system isn’t fair

February 15, 2017

Re: “When will the bandage be ripped off?” Feb. 8, 2017 Dear Editor, Budget time is always a good time to lament about the property tax. That lament will not stop until [...]

A joke on drivers

February 9, 2017

Dear Editor, I guess Kathleen Wynn is moving up April Fools Day this year at least as far as the e-test goes. After April 1 this year, Ontarians no longer have to pay the fee [...]

The truth about coal

February 8, 2017

Re: “Liberals need to clean up their mess,” Feb. 1, 2017 Dear Editor, Mr. Hawkins would have done well to research facts before lauding McKittrick’s irresponsible and [...]

Love over hate

February 2, 2017

Dear Editor, On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order blocking immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, and banning Syrian refugees from entering [...]
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