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Bracing for the results of the next two weeks

George Longley cartoon

(Cartoon by George Longley)

It’s a difficult time in Oshawa, with three COVID-19 related deaths shocking the fear into residents as of The Oshawa Express deadline.

Durham Region has had a total of four deaths so far, with three deaths occurring in Oshawa. It’s time for Oshawa to step up and practice social distancing and self-isolation, and to be an example to the rest of the region.

Oshawa has seen 75 per cent of the region’s deaths, and not all of them have been in the demographic which is most affected by the virus – seniors.

While two of Oshawa’s deaths have been seniors, one was a man in his 40’s, who worked at a local Superstore and had no history of travel, proving the virus is now spreading throughout the community.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, doctors and the government have had a very simple message: stay home, stay six feet apart, and wash your hands with soap and water regularly.

The message is simple, and yet people continue to ignore the call to action by visiting parks and beaches.

Mayor Dan Carter, Premier Doug Ford, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have all been very clear in their message to residents to stay home. All three have pressed the issue that lives are at risk.

The Oshawa Express is urging readers to stay home and stay safe, as this is a dangerous time. If there is a pressing need to go out, remember to do your best to stay six feet, or two metres, away from those you don’t know at all times, and when you get home, wash your hands with soap and water.

For those who need to go to the grocery store, there are other options. Community Care Durham has their new food box program, which is just one of the programs available across the region.

The next few weeks will be telling as we learn the results of our self-isolation and hand-washing. And if our numbers of infected spike, we’ll learn the hard way what it really means to be self isolated as stricter penalties and rules are imposed.

Do the right thing and be safe.