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Bill C-69 called a “job killer”

Dear Editor,

As expected, the Liberals turned down all Conservative senators’ amendments to Bill C-

69, the job killer bill that will discourage most if not all foreign investment in our resource sector.

Pure politics at play on such an important piece of legislation.

At the same time, the Liberals are using an election gimmick to spend $15 billion per year to establish a  nation wide drug plan.

Do they ever consider just where the money is supposed to come from for huge spending ideas?

Without our resource sector returning billions in revenue to us in the form of taxes and royalties, plus the fact that our federal debt is growing larger hourly, with no end in sight, we are in no position to discuss another huge bureaucracy with unlimited expenses.

This is just another bogus election gimmick attempting to divert attention away from the scandals caused by the Liberals this year alone.

If we continue on this road, we will ultimately end up like Venezuela, plenty of resources in the ground, but bankrupt anyway.

Time for a regime change in October.

Russ Horner