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Be a responsible pet owner

(Photo courtesy City of Oshawa)

Keeping your canine friend happy, healthy and safe is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner.

As the warmer weather approaches and more residents are out walking their dogs and enjoying parks, trails, and open spaces, the city is reminding residents to “ensure the safety of our pets and to be good neighbours.”

Dogs should always be kept on a leash no longer than two metres whenever out in the community, unless in an official off-leash dog area. As well, always remember to carry a bag and pick up any mess made by your pet.

Pet owners are responsible for making sure their dogs do not run at large, which means the dog is unleashed when off its owner’s property and not under the control of someone physically able to maintain control, according to the Responsible Pet Owners Bylaw.

The city has a designated 10-hectare off-leash dog park located within the southern portion of Harmony Valley Park.

Another off-leash dog area is in development as part of the Cordova Valley Park redevelopment project.

Furthermore, the city states pets should be micro chipped, licensed, and identified with a collar and tag.

“By licensing your pet, it increases the chance of being reunited with your dog should they ever become lost,” states the city.

The city offers lifetime and annual licences for pets that can be purchased online at

For more information on responsible pet ownership, animal welfare standards and the city’s Responsible Pet Owners Bylaw, visit