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A safe and successful baseball season

With the season now at an end, Baseball Oshawa President Ken Babcock says he is happy with the way the season went, despite the number of restrictions in place, and the shortened season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

According to Baseball Oshawa President Ken Babcock, the shortened season was a success.

“I’m happy to report that the season went off without a hitch,” he says. “Kids played a considerable amount of games in the window we had, but completed their seasons on Labour Day weekend.”

Babcock says they are satisfied and there were a lot of happy faces on and around the diamond, despite the fact it was a shortened season with a number of restrictions.

Oshawa’s teams did well and remained competitive, says Babcock, but this season was about more than numbers.

“Really, it ended up being about more than wins and losses as far as playing. People were so excited to play. You could see it in the parents and the grandparents that were going to the games… and seeing the kids back on the diamond was the biggest thing,” he says.

But more often than not, he says Oshawa’s teams won more than they lost.

On the off chance next season will face similar restrictions, Babcock says they’ve gained valuable experience.

“I can really, honestly say that our coaches, coaching staff for our rep programs, and coaching staff in house league did a tremendous job following the protocols that were in place,” he says.

He also notes there were no issues or incidents related to COVID-19 and says that’s “good for everyone.”

For Babcock, the highlight of the season was simple – playing a baseball season.

“That was really the highlight and if I asked people, they were just so excited and glad that there was a baseball season,” he says.

Next season he hopes to know more and have a better understanding of COVID-19, and the safety protocols surrounding it.

“We’ve invested in things that are required to keep everyone safe – hand washing stations and those kind of things – and we’ll certainly be able to provide the same protocols required and be prepared for what comes next season,” he says.

He hopes to see a full season next year, but ultimately, Babcock says he is prepared to do everything he can to make sure players and their families stay safe.