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Youth debate on youth matters

They may not be able to vote yet, but that doesn’t mean students don’t care about politics.

Students at Eastdale CVI will have the chance to ask candidates from the Oshawa riding about the issues that matter to them.

“The youth voter turnout rate in the

2011 election was 38.8 per cent, roughly 20 per cent lower than the overall average,” states Kyle Fitzgerald, the chair of the Durham Youth Council, which is hosting the event this Thursday, Oct. 8.

“We want to show youth that their voice matters, and are grateful for the cooperation of candidates.”

Approximately 400 students from schools throughout the city are expected to be in attendance.

According to a news release from the Durham Youth Council, NDP candidate Mary Fowler and Liberal Party candidate Tito-Dante Marimpietri are the two candidates thus far who have confirmed their attendance.

Conservative candidate Colin Carrie denied the invitation.