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Writing was on the wall for GM plant

Dear Editor,

First it was a devastating blow to all the hard working individuals at GM plus especially to receive the announcement at Christmas.

That being said maybe one has to look at UNIFOR president Dias and ask what has he been doing over the past years to be blindsided by GM’s decision to close the plant. He is acting as if he was not aware of this because if he was why did he wait till now to start screaming.  Surely he must have known the writing was on the wall and taken steps for his membership to mitigate the closure.

Did the Mayor of Oshawa not know?  Did the Liberal Wynne government not know?  The signs were so obvious that GM was going to close it was just a matter of when.  We pay people in power through taxes and union dues to be on top of things like this but It would appear they dropped the ball.

Sadly this ship has sailed.  Where the union and politicians should have been proactive they were in fact reactive.  The workers deserve better.

Mark Williamson