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World needs to work together on Syria

Dear Editor,

Just when I thought that the situation in Syria reached its plateau, the news of the chemical gas attack on innocent civilians have exceeded expectations of the cruelty that can arise from political instability and injustice.

The visceral images and videos of the victims, many of them being children, have surfaced and stirred a public outcry to identify the perpetrators of the attack. Regardless of whether or not this was conducted under the auspices of the Syrian government, world leaders have a responsibility to their country, and for global safety.

While identifying the cause of the attack is important, by pointing fingers and playing “the blame game,” international conflict will further augment. There needs to be a greater collaborative effort among nations to both condemn and prohibit the use of chemical weapons.

I send my sincere well-wishes and prayers to the victims of this horrendous attack.

Khizar Karim