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Why bother changing our license plates?

Dear Editor,

Dalton McGuinty wanted to be remembered for something positive, and he created Family Day as a “stat” holiday to break the monotony of dreary February on our calendars and give us a long weeked.

Now, early in his premiership reign, Douglas Ford wishes to stamp his political legacy on our automotive license plates.

Apparently we Ontarians have had 36 some years “to discover” Ontario, after being reminded to “Keep it beautiful” for the ten years prior to that (1973-1982).

Both slogans are nice, “touristy” kind of messages, which normally you tend to see on Provincial license plates (and United States plates as well).

The “Open for Business” suggestion by Ford is not a very vacation/tourist promotional message I would say.

How about adorning our plates with our provincial flower, the trillium and a more environmentally conscious message if it absolutely has to be changed? Such as “Love it, like it, don’t litter it” or “Enjoy the bounty.” Or, just please leave it alone Mr. Ford.

“Yours to Discover” or “Keep it Beautiful” were just fine. I, for one, never thought the latter license plate slogan had to ever be changed in the first place.

R.M. Hughes