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Where is RCMP on SNC-Lavalin?

Dear Editor,

I find it amazing how quickly the RCMP have seen fit to open an investigation in the matter of Jason Kenny’s election team allegedly pulling off some high-handed tricks to help defeat his leadership opponent Brian Jean in Alberta. Kenny claims that is done all the time in politics, and that it is a blood sport. Immoral maybe, but not illegal.

Yet here in Ontario, with many legal scholars screaming for the same intervention because of the Trudeau gang attempting to change the decision of the public prosecutor by repeatedly pressuring our Attorney General to go against that decision, and give a powerful Quebec-based corporation a get out of jail card, there are crickets from the Horsemen.

Are they not empowered to protect all of us in this country from all potentially corrupt politicians that would have it all their way, and to hell with law and order, or does that only apply when the alleged perpetrators are of the Conservative variety. Like the “crime of the century” committed by Mike Duffy, that after many millions wasted was found to be nothing more than a man paying back taxpayers for wrongful bookkeeping with a loan from a friend! Imagine the gall to actually pay back taxpayers. That is a normally foreign concept to the Liberal brand!

With all the evidence here and now in Ottawa and the many top bureaucrats, and cabinet ministers resigning their posts, where are the top cops?

Russ Horner