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What’s old is new at Repair Café

Oshawa Public Libraries seeking senior volunteers for new events

Oshawa Public Libraries is looking for senior volunteers who have a flair for repair.

Seniors who can fix items like bikes, small appliances, jewellery, and more, are invited to be part of the Repair Café events and help teach others repair skills.

“Many people tend to use items until they show a bit of wear and throw them away because they don’t know how to fix them, then purchase a replacement item,” said Frances Newman, CEO of Oshawa Public Libraries. “In the old days, nothing was thrown out and people learned to fix things.”

The Repair Café concept began in the Netherlands in 2009.  The first Repair Café event proved a need for people to learn how to do their own repairs and demonstrated the value of sharing knowledge with others.

Oshawa Public Libraries wants to help residents see their old or worn belongings in a new light. Beginning this August, residents will be able to bring their broken items to special Repair Café sessions at the library where senior volunteers will help show others how to make items good as new again.

If you would like to volunteer at the Library’s Repair Café, contact Tracy Munusami at 905-579-6111 ext. 5245.