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What’s going on at the Genosha?

Dear Editor,

This has gone on for far too long. By that, I mean the restoration of the Genosha hotel on King St. East. There have been many, many promises to finish the hotel on time, and they have been granted far too many “extensions” about the finishing of this particular project! The councillors must have their heads you know where if they can be bamboozled for the last 12 years!

The owner previous to this one had asked for a lot of extensions and received them. They had lead paint that they had to have removed. They should have had it tested when they originally bought and started the renovation. A building of that age would likely have had lead paint. Even I know that and I am not even in the business!

Now, they have a stop work order and the last time I saw any work going on was late August or early September. When is Oshawa going to wise up?

Ron Horner