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What kind of a “democracy” have we settled for in this country?

Dear Editor,

Any time a member of Trudeau’s or Ford’s party, who were all elected by the voting people in their respective ridings, disagree with their leader, and say so publicly, they are gone. If the leader is a crazed power-hungry fool with no regard for anybody’s views other than their own, why waste money on all the others in caucus? If they have no rights to think outside the box for the possible benefit of their constituents, why have them at all? It seems we just end up with what North Korea, China, and Cuba already have, a dictatorship forcing his will on all others.

We could have that without all the extra money involved also.

Why call it something that it is truly not, a democracy?

You go to the polls and later find out that the man or woman you help elect is now history, and cannot ever run again for that party!

All because they have a different view on one or more subjects, even if they are right.

Little wonder so many mistrust politicians, and more and more do not bother to vote anymore.

Russ Horner