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What is the Public Hydro Coalition?

Public Power Coalition

Susie Boyle, front, Gord Vickers, Larry Ladd and Robert Goheen are a few of the members of the Public Power Coalition that are protesting the proposed sale of Hydro One by the provincial government.

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

A group of about eight dedicated volunteers are fighting to keep electricity generation in public hands.

Initiated back in 2002 when then Ontario Hydro was split into two entities, now known as Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and Hydro One, the group became active to fight the first attempt by the Ontario government to sell off their hydro.

Now, the group has reactivated to stop Kathleen Wynne from doing the same thing.

“Our goal is to get Wynne to slow down,” says member Gord Vickers. “I think she should be going around the province consulting with the people and the electorate who voted. I think we have a right to know.”

The group has many qualms with that government’s current proposal, along with the worry of what the sale of Hydro One would mean for Ontario’s power rates.

The government has listed the cost of a 60 per cent share of Hydro One at $9 billion, but the group is aghast to know how that number was determined.

“When you’re talking the land alone, I mean, the towers are sitting on land owned by the utility…we’re talking millions and billions of dollars. We’re not talking $9 billion. It’s ridiculous,” Vickers says.

A non-partisan organization, Vickers says the group is fighting for Ontarians who may not otherwise have a voice in the matter.

“I don’t care if you’re an NDP, a Liberal or Conservative or Green or whatever you are. I mean, right now, the whole fight back is we want to retain our public utilities,” he says.