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What happened to the downtown?

Dear Editor,

The city said it would clean up the downtown. There is a methadone clinic, and right next door there is a pot store right on the main drag on Simcoe Street. How is the city of Oshawa cleaning the downtown core with those two establishments? I chatted with one of the councillors and this person said it is not the city’s fault. But then, who gave them the licence for the business? The city has to give the permit.

Do tourists who come to my city and go to the downtown core see people lining up in front of the pot store and lining up in front of the methadone clinic? That would be quite a site for first-time visitors. They will tell their friends and no one will come here.

What is next for the downtown core? A brothel? An illegal gambling house with a permit from city? Well, the city should shut them down. I am a taxpayer and a citizen, and other citizens have might have a problem.

If we approach the city council about our concerns, the city council will make an excuse and not take responsibly for their foul up. Another person told me that 50 years ago, downtown Oshawa was a place of full of fun and friends and good times.

Arnaldo Beni