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We should realize who runs things

Dear Editor,

I am indebted to Premier Ford for the modest suggestion that follows – do not vote for any candidate for council. We don’t need them.

Consider a number of recent infrastructure, transit, environmental, leisure and land development issues/events  – even non-developments.

The extension of Harbour Road to the Gifford Hill (overlooking Second Marsh) as a “driveway” – decided in 1976;

The block housing development corner of Park Road and Phillip Murray Drive – decided before the OMB in the 70s.

The enormous subdivision severances of the famous E. P. Taylor lands —- inevitable following his death and the death of his son Charles; and inevitable also with

the extension of 407 and its links – a provincial decision;

The huge GO Metrolinx train servicing yard in Whitby; yes, Whitby for the moment, because the extension of GO Transit service via Oshawa to Bowmanville will never make it across the 401.

Covanta . .  which will not be subject to before and after testing of blood levels of residents  – a regional decision;

The rebuild of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station;

The rejection of a comprehensive waterfront development plan somewhat like that of Pickering as too expensive, because council never asked for federal or provincial participation as has every other municipality enjoying attractive waterfront development from Quinte West to Mississauga and Burlington.

So what to do?

I suggest that you vote for Counsellor Carter as mayor, outgoing Mayor Henry will be completely up to date as regional chair with Oshawa residents’ numerous municipal everyday needs.

Should disagreements arise between them, Mr.  Carter I am sure will have no trouble reaching Premier Ford in a hurry. 

Hugh Peacock