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We don’t need another fare increase

Dear Editor,

Why do we need another fare (or unfair?) increase for DRT riders? It seems like every six months, it’s not a “nickel and dime us to death” but rather “stretch and quarter” us kids, seniors, adults at our proverbial wallets! Maybe it would be nice to hold the line once in a while for the kids or the seniors. Maybe every second time, just to be fair. Is it just when DRT wants some more at the cash trough (as there is no regulations on fare scheduling)? This time, they say more bus service will occur and more buses on the Pulse Highway 2 line. How about announcing exact details on the how and how many?

Enough is enough. When you consider one round trip a day, let’s say, is another 50 cents, or about $130 a year! At least one can hop on the bus with a little more spring because their wallet is lighter!

R.M. Hues