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Violent crime up, property crime down

As the region continues to adapt and respond to ongoing changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Durham police have noted an increase in violent crime, as well as motorcycle and ATV complainants.

According to Durham Regional Police Services (DRPS), violent crime has been steadily on the rise over the past two months, however remains down overall by 290, or 10 per cent.

Motorcycle and ATV drive complainants have increased by 69 per cent or 174 incidents, as well as domestic and domestic-related calls, which are up 171 incidents, or 6 per cent.

Durham police have noted nearly all statistics in the major crime categories are significantly lower for the 22-week period between March 17, 2020 and Aug. 26, 2020 compared to the same time period last year.

Property crimes are down by 1,121, or 13 per cent, as well as impaired driver calls, which are down 628 incidents, or 20 per cent.

Furthermore, police noted shoplifting calls are down 314 incidents, or 75 per cent for the same time period compared with the same time period last year, likely due to the closure of many retails stores, police say.

According to DRPS, there have been 14 fatal collisions this year, an increase from last year, which saw nine fatal collisions by this time last year. However, the higher number is close to the five-year average.

“As the community transitions to wider re-openings, the DRPS remains adaptive and responsive to the ongoing changes,” states DRPS.

Durham police are reminding residents there are support services available and ready at the Region of Durham’s website. For a comprehensive list, visit