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Urging Mayor Henry to push for Gifford lands

Dear Mayor Henry:

At the earliest possible opportunity, this is to urge you to please, please prepare a resolution for Council, requesting the newly elected Government of Canada to return the Gifford lands to the City of Oshawa.

As you know, the strong recommendation of Hon. David Crombie to maintain this open space buffer for the protection of Oshawa’s “Crown Jewel” was rejected by the Harper cabinet, which went on to declare the buffer Crown land to facilitate heavy industrial use.

While the exemption of environmental assessment for such uses, buried in the June, 2012 budget, would require reversal by Parliament, the series of Harper cabinet orders do not.

Don’t hestitate, Mayor Henry, there will a long line-up forming on Parliament Hill very quickly.

Yours Sincerely

Hugh Peacock, Past President

Friends of Second Marsh