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UPDATE: Man injured in house fire transferred to Toronto with serious injuries

(Photo courtesy Colin Williamson)

By Courtney Bachar/The Oshawa Express/LJI Reporter

A man injured in an early morning house fire Tuesday has been transferred to a Toronto trauma centre due to his injuries.

According to Police Chief Derrick Clark, the lone occupant of the home on Wilson Street South in Oshawa, who was found in the rear of the home, was originally transferred to a local hospital with burns and smoke inhalation before being transferred to Sunnybrook Health Sciences in Toronto.

Clark says the man’s last known condition was listed as serious.

According to Clark, Oshawa firefighters responded to the house fire on Tuesday, Feb. 9 around 6:01 a.m.

Upon arrival, crews found the house fully engulfed in flames and the lone man at the rear of the home.

Clark says this fire was a difficult one as it had already vented out the front of the residence as crews arrived on scene.

“The crews on scene did an exceptional job to contain this,” says Clark, adding firefighters were able to contain the fire quickly.

“Crews had it under control relatively quickly, within 30 minutes.”

Clark adds fire crews also did a phenomenal job in preventing the fire from spreading to nearby properties.

“There’s two houses in very, very close proximity on both sides and they prevented fire from travelling to either one of those houses,” he explains.

“[Fire crews] did a great job, and it was very slippery with the snow and ice conditions as well,” he adds, noting one firefighter did slip and fall, however he did not need treatment on scene.

Clark says the Oshawa Fire Marshal and Fire Investigation Division were on scene to investigate the circumstances surrounding the fire, including the cause, where it originated, and estimated cost of damage.

Earlier in the day, Wilson Road South was closed between Taylor Avenue and Olive Avenue as fire crews attended the scene.

The road was reopened in the early afternoon on Tuesday.