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UOIT profs receive federal grants

Two professors at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology are recipients of grants from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, a federal crown corporation.

Dr. Laura Pinto, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education, and Dr. Carla Cesaroni, an associate professor in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, are the benefactors of the new money.

In a news release, Pinto states that she, along with researchers from Western University and York University, will work to shed new light on how complex layers of education policy are interpreted.

“Better policy enactment ought to result in direct improvements to the education system,” Dr. Pinto explains.

Pinto’s grant is valued at $316,228 over five years.

Cesaroni will look at ways to change how young adult inmates are currently imprisoned, comparing the experiences with the Scottish prison system where there are institutions geared specifically for young adults.

“Young prisoners are less able to cope with the stress of incarceration than their adult counterparts,” states Cesaroni in the news release. “Through the anxiety of being deprived of their families and social networks, young adults have generally been found to be involved in more disciplinary infractions, inmate-staff assaults and conflicts with others in prison. We are examining the need for a more age-appropriate correctional policy for young adults.”

Cesaroni’s grant is valued at $97,282 over three years.