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Union throws support behind Fowler

OFL-organized Stop Harper campaign makes Oshawa stop

Mary Fowler

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) rolled out its “Stop Harper” campaign this past weekend. The campaign looks to support NDP candidates in ridings where they have a good chance of defeating a Conservative candidate, and the campaign made Oshawa its first stop.

OFL president and former Oshawa NDP candidate Sid Ryan was on hand for the day to help candidate Mary Fowler and her campaign team with a day of canvassing. Several volunteers, along with CUPE president Fred Hahn and other union members, were also in attendance.

For Ryan, he says NDP support has been building in the riding for the past 12 years.

“We know that this is one of the key ridings for the NDP and we know that we can win this seat,” he says.

The team was out canvassing in the area of the community that will fall into the newly expanded Oshawa riding. It is an area that NDP held prior to the Conservatives under former MP Jim Flaherty and current MP Pat Perkins.

“We know that the issues are here and we have the right candidate and we know we’ve got the boundaries this time where we can win it,” Ryan says.

The same was said by Hahn, who says communities across the province and Canada are ready to see change, and that Stephen Harper’s plan hasn’t been working.

“They know the Harper plan isn’t working. It’s painfully clear in this community that it’s not working,” he said.

For Fowler, the support of the labour community is a sign her campaign picking up steam.

“We can see that the momentum here in Oshawa is building and we’re happy to have our support from our friends in the labour community,” she said.