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Two downtown streets may be going two-way

Both streets originally built to be two-way

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

The city’s development services committee has recommended staff conduct a study looking into converting two Oshawa streets to two-way roads.

The motion presented to the committee will have staff investigate and analyze the conversion of Brock Street and Colborne Street to two-way traffic operations.

The goal is to make the two streets “more liveable, safe, and pedestrian-oriented.”

According to the report presented to the committee, one-way streets tend to be more focused on the needs of drivers.

“One-way streets tend to be auto-oriented, result in higher traffic speeds, increase travel distances for motorists, and create confusion especially for non-local residents and the aging demographic,” reads the report.

The report also says the historical purpose of one-way streets in a downtown isn’t relevant anymore, and both streets were originally built as two-way streets.

It also notes the 2015 Integrated Transportation Master Plan approved by council recommends undertaking a study to analyze the impacts of converting one-way streets to two-way streets downtown.

Finally, it also points to a desire from residents to see one-way streets downtown converted to two-way streets for general safety purposes, particularly for children.

Ward 3 City and Regional Councillor Bob Chapman says it’s a “worthwhile venture,” but notes one spot might be more difficult.

“If you look at where they are going from basically Mary Street to Simcoe Street, it may get a little bit more difficult where Simcoe and Centre separate,” he says.

However, he ultimately believes it will be fairly simple.

The motion to move forward passed unanimously, and now heads to council for final approval.