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Trudeau’s doubleheader blunder

Dear Editor,

Maybe Aug. 30 should have been named the national holiday Trudeau wants to have designated for the Indigenous Peoples. A national ‘shaming day’ if you will, where we are all reminded just how terrible a people we really are when it comes to how our ancestors handled Indigenous issues.

This day would be more than appropriate, as it is also the day some of the Indigenous Peoples got back at us by winning a court case stopping the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Trudeau forced us to buy a 65-year-old pipeline that has been moving oil to the west coast terminal, and with Trudeau’s promise to expand this line and twin it to allow us to export our oil to world markets.

Looks like another broken promise from this Liberal government to add to the growing list.

Ironically, this is also the same day that Kinder Morgan investors voted to formally dump this dog, take the money and run.

There must be smiles all around! The former owners who sold it for more than it was worth, the pipeline protesters who won the day, the foreign funded anti-Canadian oil groups, everybody but the Canadian taxpayer suckers who paid $4.7 billion for nothing.

It was just a maneuver Trudeau utilized to delay the construction of this pipeline which he never really wanted anyway.

Now he has his excuse. What a disgraceful manner to kill investment in this country.

If Trudeau fails to sign on to the NAFTA deal, maybe he will have effectively killed the auto industry in this country also.

A double header you might say. Pity!

Russ Horner