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Time for region to pay up on transit

Dear Editor,

The senseless ongoing lawsuit between the Region of Durham and City of Oshawa must come to an end. Ten years and counting, the Region has racked up over $700,000 of taxpayers’ money.

The only winners are, of course, the lawyers, who must be laughing all the way to the bank. Having some insight to the Collective Agreement the region took over, I would like to share my thoughts.

The City of Oshawa, in my opinion, owes the Region nothing. Having spoken to several former regional councillors, we are all of the same opinion. For $1.00 the region received the City of Oshawa buses, garage, staff and expertise which gave the region highly-trained personnel and a fully-established transit system.

The Region, with cup in hand, could argue on a moral issue that the City of Oshawa should be on the hook for the former Oshawa Transit/City of Oshawa employees who retired prior to 2006. The reason I believe the moral course is not a legal one is because the region did not receive any monetary value from those municipal employees who had retired prior to the takeover by the region.

It is too bad the region staff and politicians, in their haste, didn’t take the time to read the

Collective Agreement between CAW Local 222 and the City of Oshawa. Had someone made the effort to do so, this mess would never have happened. It’s time to pay the price.

Yours Truly,

Gord Vickers