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Thinking of disconnecting

Bill FoxBy Bill Fox/Columnist

Again today, as most days when I am home, I get two or more phone interruptions.  Most often it is during the dinner hour.  If no one is on the other end, right away, I hang up.  I should mention, I am on the No-Call list.  On the rare occasion that someone speaks, it is most often about duct cleaning.  Now I live in an apartment, you would think they would have checked.  According to statistics from our most recent Canadian census, about 33 per cent of us live in apartments; therefore one in three have no ducts or even ducks to clean!  I swore I would never get a cell phone, until two years ago when I was going down to the Oakland area where my brother was diagnosed with cancer.  I thought it best to have a phone in case I got lost or needed to connect with my brother ‘on the fly’.  My landline phone is used to make calls and receive calls from family and friends, not to get sale pitches especially when I am in the middle of something else.  Should I disconnect my landline? It’s a thought.

There are some really nice people who want to be friends on Facebook, but how many of us, just always accepted friend requests from people we know, and regrettably had to keep them as Facebook friends but cancelled looking at their posts?  Some folks post everything they do and mention everywhere they go…including the movies, a restaurant, etc.  I really don’t care…but there it is on Facebook.  It’s like we think we are celebrities with a huge following!…and the selfies…I   know what you look like, please don’t keep sending me selfies of you in different places….please!  So maybe I should disconnect from Facebook as well.

A relative just started a new Facebook page.  As she explained it, “…my old Facebook page had many clients and colleagues as friends…and I filtered what I put up on there.  Having a personal page for just a few close friends and family will allow me to put up personal fun photos, etc.”

I do post a lot of ‘stuff’ on Facebook.  I’m particularly prone to re-posting stuff from Bernie Sanders about Trump’s policies, and also re-posting what I would call ‘life lessons’…or awesome pictures, etc.  Why?  I don’t know!

I think it might be time to cut back on my connections on Facebook, Twitter, etc…or as my relative did, just ignore my old page and start up a new page specifically just for very close friends and relatives.  Another problem, I have encountered is that my brother Brian passed away in California last year, but I noticed recently that a ‘friend’ just wished him a happy birthday not long ago.  How do you delete someone from Facebook that has passed away?   I wonder how many dead people still have Facebook accounts.  To delete a page is quite a task that includes photocopying a death certificate, etc.

Texting is another strange procedure in my mind.  Isn’t it easier just to phone someone?  Yet I too fall into the trap of returning texts from someone.  I think texting might be acceptable if you don’t want to call during “off hours”.  I think it is best to set barriers for when you want phone calls.  I would prefer no phone calls before 9 a.m. and none after 10 p.m. unless it is from relatives in British Columbia, where their 7 p.m. is our 10.

I used to play poker on my computer, but soon realized that I could not afford it, being either that the games were rigged, or I am just a lousy poker player!  Now once a month, some friends and I do try to get together for 25 cent ante poker, where the most you can win or lose on most nights might reach $40, but it is as much as reconnecting with old friends as it is about trying to make a profit.  I’m glad I disconnected from computer poker games.   What’s next?

So have you disconnected?  I would love to hear your story!  I’m at if you catch me before I disconnect.