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The pot of gold for Oshawa

lance goosen cartoon

(Cartoon by Lance Goosen)

In the world of municipal politics, there is always a time for talk, and a time for action.

The idea of installing rainbow crosswalks in the City of Oshawa has been kicking around for about a year now, and the municipality will soon be seeking public feedback on a trio of possible locations.

The first is near City Hall and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, while the second is at a pedestrian crosswalk near the intersection of William and Mary Streets.

A third location, introduced by Ward 5 city and regional councillor Brian Nicholson, is just west of the Jubilee Pavilion at Lakeview Park.

The city is preparing a survey to gauge public opinion on these locations.

Staff originally recommended the survey include the question of whether residents even want to see the multi-coloured crossings, however, council eventually voted to remove that portion.

As noted by councillors such as John Gray and Jane Hurst, the fair thing to do would be to simply put the question forward.

Unfortunately, the question should have been raised several months ago.

Council has received numerous delegations and letters in support of the rainbow crosswalks, and very few, if any, in opposition.

Now the discussion on the crosswalks has entered into its second year, and with the survey on its way, will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

Ward 2 city and regional councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri raised the valid viewpoint that it’s time to move forward either way.

Are there potential issues related to a crosswalk? Frankly, yes.

Last year in Bowmanville, rainbow crosswalks were quickly met with acts of vandalism, including a motorist burning out their tires on the paint.

However, vandalism can happen anywhere, and truly isn’t an overwhelming reason not to put in the crosswalks.

It’s time for council to make a decision, as evident in the frustration from Mayor Dan Carter when he proclaimed, “Let’s get on with it. Enough is enough.”