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Teacher has licence revoked over sexual relationship with student

Former educator pleads no contest to allegations; had resigned from Durham District School Board shortly after former student came forward

By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

A former teacher with the Durham District School Board has had his teaching licence revoked after he confessed to having a relationship with a student.

According to a recently published report from the Ontario College of Teachers’ discipline committee, Wayne Thomas Bodley plead no contest to violating numerous sections of the Ontario College of Teachers Act in connection with a sexual relationship he had with a student.

In the statement of uncontested facts in the report, it states that Bodley first approached a male student – his age is not disclosed – following a school field trip in 2006, offering him a ride home. It was at this time that Bodley is said to have made a pass at the student, which was declined.

Bodley approached the student again the following day and asked if he wanted to “hang out,” which lead to him taking the student to parks, restaurants, coffee shops and his apartment, where they engaged in sexual activity. Bodley is also said to have provided the student with marijuana, cigarettes, alcohol, beer and clothing, as well as “poppers,” which the report says “is a liquid drug that lowers one’s inhibitions.”

The relationship between Bodley and the student continued until the former graduated.

The age of the student and the school in question were redacted from the report, so as to protect the identity of the student.

The college and the school board were first notified of Bodley’s actions in March 2013 after being notified by the student. Bodley resigned from DDSB on or about May 1 that year, according to the report.

Terry Simzer, communications manager for DDSB, says he is unable to say whether Bodley was teaching at the same school where these actions took place, as it would be against the redactions made by the college in its report.