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Talking about guns

Dear Editor,

I hope you and your readers can put up with another letter regarding guns. Specifically, I’m writing,about why and how you would use your guns.

What I wanted to say is that for a very long time now, I have been listening to Americans that have guns. They report that they use their guns according to the law and they store them carefully along with storing their ammunition separately. This is not a small number reporting this.

When I hear this (they store their guns under lock and key and their ammunition separately), I have to wonder why they even have the weapon if it is under lock and key. A burglar is not going to wait for you to find your keys and then the ammunition and then the gun and then load it… I guess you see what I mean!

Then there are weapon owners that keep their weapons in the night table, but locked to prevent children from getting to it. I really have to wonder why this type of person even needs a gun. You only need a gun to go hunting or to commit a crime. I cannot think of another reason. And do not tell me you need one to protect your family.

If someone wants to rob you or, God forbid, kill you, then your locked up weapon will not help you or your family at all!
Ron Horner