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Take it easy with the crosswords

Dear Editor,

It’s time to lower to IQ quotient for your weekly crossword offerings! It shouldn’t seem as tough as the New York Times’ or Los Angeles Times’ puzzles seen in the big dailies! As a crossword fan who prides himself on being well versed in the English language, I just don’t get it.

Years back, your crosswords were doable with some degree of satisfaction on completion. Not any more, and I’m sure I am not getting more stupid. The sourcing is getting, perhaps, a more difficult type of offering with a Jeopardy-type level of clue knowledge questions, it seems, or with one-word clues, sometimes vague as to whether a noun or verb is being guestimated.

Just give us a little more of a chance on building a level of achievement, like those you see in the Metro or 24 tabloids.

Then, I would feel like a brain scan is not an imminent requirement thought every Thursday after attempting cranial colisthetics.

R.M. Hues