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Suspect in Hache case looking for legal aid

“That man has no emotion”

Adam Strong, the man charged with improper/indecent interference with a dead body in connection to the remains of Rori Hache that were found in his basement apartment, will be back in court Jan. 24. (Facebook)

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

Adam Strong, the man arrested after the remains of teenager Rori Hache were discovered in his basement apartment, was back in court on Jan. 10.

Strong, appearing via video link, informed the court that he had yet to retain a lawyer, and was in fact applying for legal aid.

Currently, he’s facing charges of improper/indecent interference with a dead body. He has yet to be charged with Hache’s murder.

Also in attendance at the courthouse was Hache’s mother Shanan Dionne and a number of family and friends. It was the first time she saw the man arrested in connection to her pregnant daughter’s death.

“I’m disturbed by what I’ve seen in the courtroom, that man has no emotion,” Dionne said, speaking to reporters outside the courthouse. “You would think he was here for running over a kid’s basketball, that’s the empathy he has for what he’s done.”

Hache went missing in August before her torso was discovered in the Oshawa Harbour. On Dec. 29, female remains were discovered in Strong’s basement apartment on McMillan Drive, which were later identified as belonging to Hache.

“My daughter was innocent blood,” Dionne said. “I believe my daughter was hunted. Nothing has been proven, but in my heart I feel my daughter was hunted.”

A further court date for Strong was set for Jan. 24.