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Support those who support our veterans

Dear Editor,

The story of Lt. Col. Sam Sharpe is a sad tale. Sadly, PTSD also afflicts our veterans today.
Many of them come home physically scarred for life. They return home missing arms and legs, suffering terrible burns and traumatic brain injuries and experiencing constant pain. Many are suffering PTSD, and have mental health issues. Some turn to drugs or alcohol, while others commit suicide. And PTSD is not something that goes away. Even Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire, the commander in Rwanda suffers from PTSD. Fortunately, we have organizations that offer support to our veterans. We have the War Amps that supports those veterans with permanent disabilities and we have Wounded Warriors, based in Whitby, that helps veterans with PTSD.

These organizations are privately funded and rely on donations from us citizens.

We owe our veterans so much, a debt we can never repay. Let’s get behind these organizations. Thank you to all our veterans in the military and the RCMP and to those who died on foreign battlefields. And thank you to those who are currently serving. Your service does not go unnoticed.

Joe Prochazka